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Anti-Static Zip Top Bags

pink tint tubing

We offer two kinds of static shielding zipper bags, metallized and pink tint. The pink tint plastic Zip Top bag is good for many anti static plastic bag needs. They meet the requirements of MIL-81705D Type II. For more demanding applications our transparent metallic shielding bags meet Faraday Cage protection and visibility for highly sensitive components. The transparent metallic zip top plastic bags meet the full static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81 705D Type III. Regular pink tint anti stat bags are also available. These bags meet the same static decay requirments of the amine free bags

White Write-On Block Zipper Bags

white block zipper bags

These Zip Top Bags come with a white block printed on the front that can be used for labeling. This type of bag is offered in either 2 mil or 4 mil high quality poly material.

Generic Zip Top Bags

generic reclosable bags

Slide Seal Bags

slide seal reclosable bags

Parts Bags with Zip Top Seal

parts bags with zip top seal


Mini Grip Zip Top Bags

mini grip zip top bags

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