1.5 mil

trash bags
Low Density Polyethylene(LDPE) material has been the standard for all plastic bags since the beginning of the plastic bag industry. Although greatly improved over the years it is easily recognizable as conventional sandwich bag material. It is generally thicker and softer in feel than LLDPE. It has good puncture resistance but also has less tensile strength than LLDPE. For this reason, LDPE trash can liners are usually made to be much thicker than the other types of poly material and is also usually made from recycled plastic. Because of the thickness, this material can be an excellent choice for heavy duty applications. See our Repro LDPE page for excellent values using recycled plastic. Call (800) 720-1215 for quotes on larger quantities including custom sizes, gauges, and printing.

Make this bag style to your specs Including printing with reasonable minimum orders

  1. ITLD1485 15 x 9 x 24 7-10 gal 1.5 mil LDPE Gusseted Bag Packed 500 /cs
  2. ITLD1495 16 x 14 x 36 20-30 Gal 1.5 mil LDPE Gusseted Bag Packed 250 /cs
  3. ITLD329 38 x 60" 1.5 mil Clear LDPE Open Top Bags Packed 200 /cs
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